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Welcome to the 2019 Spring Season

Welcome to the NFL Flag Inland Valley 2019 Spring League! Our Inland Valley location has always been affiliated with our San Diego location. We have now created your own website and registration link. While all regular season games will be played in Inland Valley, teams who make the Super Bowl may be expected to travel to provide them with solid competition from our other Southern California locations. 

The Registration "Spring Registration" is not currently available.

Spring Game Location

Inland Valley games played on Saturday
Location: Canyon Lakes Middle School


Registration: $185.00  (through February 3rd)


Please note: Practice schedules are at the discretion of the coaches. We do this so that each coach can schedule practices that are at the most convenient locations and times for their team.


Full Refunds given within 7 days of registration (Last refunds eligible for processing on February 10th).

- Cancellations after 7 Days and up to February 10th will be given a credit towards a future season

- After February 10th, no refunds or credits will be provided

- Exception to the refund/cancellation policy is a severe injury/illness with a legitimate Doctor’s note provided prior to Game 1 of the Season

Spring Season Experience

  • Games begin March 8th - mid-May 2019
  • Week One: March 8th-9th
  • Week Two: March 15th-16th
  • Week Three: March 22nd-23rd
  • Week Four: March 29th-30th (Bye Week for San Diego & Inland Valley location for spring break)
  • Week Five: April 5th-6th (Bye Week for North County & Chula Vista for spring break)
  • Week Six (Player Day): April 13th (All locations will play on SATURDAY with some doubleheaders)
  • Week Seven: April 19th-20th (Bye Week for Poway for spring break)
  • Week Eight: April 26th-27th
  • Playoffs Begin: Thursday May 2nd to Saturday May 4th (some Thursday Games are possible for playoffs)
  • Super Bowl: Sunday, May 5th
  • Inland Valley games played on Saturday 



  • Equal playing time (league mandated for Recreational)
  • NFL Reversible Jersey
    • The name on the back of the jersey is only available during EARLY BIRD registration.
  • Game shorts
  • Set of Sonic Pop in Flags (non-velcro)
  • USA Football Membership
  • NFL Player Day (opportunity for league members to meet and greet current NFL players) in conjunction with NFL Flag San Diego
  • 8 regular season Games plus playoffs
  • Quality trained officials
  • Background checked and trained volunteer coaches
  • Inland Valley location 
  • Spring Pro Day! See video above!

Recreational vs. Gold/Competitive

Our goal for NFL FLAG San Diego is to provide every child with an equal opportunity to play flag football. We believe our new structure will give the kids the opportunity to learn and play multiple positions on both offense and defense. Our main focus is making sure everyone is having FUN while learning the basics of the game, teamwork and important lessons in sportsmanship. We have improved the quality and value of our program to provide our players with the best experience possible.

Below are some of our new policies: 

  • You will be asked to choose Gold/Competitive or Recreational
  • All Teams (competitive and recreational) will be formulated based on an GRADE Requirement and not an AGE Requirement
  • Both Competitive and Recreational will play 6v6
  • The GOLD/COMPETITIVE Divisions will have NO Substitution Rules
  • GOLD/COMPETITIVE must be willing to travel for at least ONE game during the season. 
  • The RECREATIONAL Division will have equal playing rules with substitutions.
  • We will schedule the first FOUR Weeks of the season, evaluate and then schedule the balance of the games so the games are adjusted for competitiveness
  • For the playoffs, we will have the Gold/Competitive Level as well as the Silver, Wildcard and possibly Bronze levels for the recreational teams. 

During online registration parents will have to answer a required question to Rate Your Player. The choices will be Very Good, Good, Some Experience, or No Experience. While formulating teams in the recreation division we will use this as a baseline to spread out the talent based on what the parent choose. As a example while formulating teams we will take 2 from each category. During week 4 of the Spring season we will evaluate teams in recreation division and if a team has a competitive advantage of any sort that team or teams will be moved into the competitive division. Friend request are still welcomed. 


Players, coaches or teams who play to have FUN. Your child will learn the basic fundamentals of passing /catching and is designed to help develop an understanding of rules, teamwork, fundamentals and sportsmanship. This is a great way for our players to learn the basics of the game, and develop the skills and techniques necessary to succeed on both offense and defense. The slate of practices and games ensures that all participants receive comprehensive instruction and gain a keen understanding of the sport.

Recreation Format

NFL Flag Rec league will feature Grades Pre- Kindergarten through 8th grade division offered. This will be a 6 on 6 flag football league with all kids playing a total 3 out of 4 quarters. Each team roster will be set at 8 kids with a possible bonus player at 9 if needed. Each team roster will be set at 8-10 kids. All kids will sit out a full quarter enforced and tracked by the referees. We feel this is a great opportunity for the kids to develop and avoid playing stacked or extremely experienced teams.



Players, coaches and teams who play to win, and have a skill level to reflect that. Our new Competitive League format is a natural fit for young players who have developed into all-stars on their respective recreational teams. These players will develop a greater love for the game and improve their individual skill set at a much quicker pace by playing with and against other highly skilled players and teams. Players and coaches may enter individually or as entire teams. All pop warner/AYF teams will be placed in this division. We encourage kids who want to play together to enter as a team and prepare for the NFL Flag Regional/National Tournaments.

Competitive Format

NFL Flag Competitive league teams will be separated by grade level. This will be a 6 on 6 league with no substitution rules.  Rosters for competitive will be a max of 10. Although we encourage coaches to have equal playing time in the competitive division, please be aware that coaches do not have any set substitution rules like they do in recreational.


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